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XMI X-Mini Max 2 Portable Speakers Review

My quest for the perfect travel speakers continues! The XMI X-Mini Max 2 portable speakers are srounded by an advertisment campaign claiming impressive sound from such small speakers, let’s see if the speakers live up to that claim..


  • Internal battery giving up to 12 hours of operation.
  • New 40mm driver
  • Expanded BXS (Bass Xpansion System) drives a fuller, richer low-end response.

Design & Operation

Firstly the packaging of the speakers is covered with bold claims of how loud and how earth shattering these speakers are.. one does not need to be an audiophile or a speaker specialist to know that a speaker smaller than the size of a packet of tic tacs is hardly likely to deliver those claims!

Each speaker is self contained with it’s own power switch, charge LED and internal 400mAh rechargeable battery (non replaceable) taking roughly 2.5 hours to charge.  The whole look and feel is extremely well engineered from a design aspect, to the point where even each speaker has a magnet in the base of the speaker allowing them to come together in such a satisfying way.

The speakers locked together by magnets for storage.

The charge cable  supplied is quite a cleaver design, not only does it split off allowing you to charge both speakers at once but also the same cable feeds the audio to each speaker via a mini USB to 3.5mm audio jack.

The packaging on the X-Mini Max 2 speakers claims of serious loudness (hmm!). I hooked them up to my Sansa Fuze and straight away was disappointed. The volume is adequate but the sound quality is quite poor.. muddled and with a serious lack of treble are my overall feelings. There is a slight hint of bass but mostly the output is just ‘muddy’ mess of mid range noise. Extending the speakers out increases the bass range a tad but doesn’t help please the sound coming from the speakers.

They are listen-able but comparing them to my JBL On Tour speakers which were roughly the same price there is no comparison. Funny thing is the JBL On Tour speakers have SMALLER drivers than the X-Mini Max 2 yet they are louder and more importantly deliver much clearer sound with quite a high detail of treble of which the Mini Max 2 can only wish to have.

It seems like the Mini Max 2 has been designed with bass too much in mind (something which is impossible to have with speakers of this size to start with!) with the gimmicky extension casing to ‘add more bass’.  Perhaps XMI have over looked the issue of driver quality in favour of product design.

Looks like I will be sticking with my JBL On Tour speakers.. a shame as I love the concept and design of the Mini Max 2 speakers but they fail to deliver a decent quality sound and lack any loudness!

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