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HI-MAX 18650 2600mAh Overview

Here are my very brief findings of these budget protected 18650 cells.

Protection Circuit

The protection circuit on these Hi-Max cells is set to trip at a very low 2.5V (way too low for my liking). At 2.5v, damage has to the cell has already been done. :(

I’m not brave enough to test the short circuit protection :P

Tested Capacity

Cells are around a year old and have had less than 20 cycles.

1A Discharge to 3v

Cell 1: 2328 mAh
Cell 2: 2226 mAh
Cell 3: 2248 mAh
Cell 4: 2231 mAh
Cell 5: Has been lost, somewhere!
Cell 6: Has been lost, somewhere!

You can expect the capacity to fair a little better under a 500mA load, but in reality these are 2300mAh cells.

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