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Manafont Ultrafire Cree T6 3-Mode Memory LED P60 Drop-in Review

Purchased from: Manafont Purchase Date: 3/3/2011 Price paid: $16.40 3-mode P60 drop-in. Modes: Hi > Mid > Low (With Memory) Upon it’s release back in March 2011 the Ultrafire 3 mode XM-L has become one of the most popular budget P60 drop-ins. Let’s take a look! I have mine seated inside a Solarforce L2P host. […]


TrustFire R5-A3 XP-G R5 1xAA 3-mode Review

Purchased from Deal Extreme Purchase date: 5/3/2011 Price paid: $18.11 Modes: Hi – Low – Strobe (includes mode memory) Battery format: 1xAA or 1×14500 Features Firstly it is worth pointing out that this light is incorrectly listed on Deal Extreme as being fitted with a Cree XP-E-R5 emitter, the emitter which is fitted is in […]