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All taken @ 0.6 second f4.5 ISO 800 White balance: Daylight. All lights on max brightness mode.

Distance to compost bin: 17 Metres.

Maglite 2D with Fusion 36 LED drop-in (6xAA in series) – Purpley Blue but not so bad IRL.

Solarforce Masterpiece Pro1 Head with 2×18650 (720mA Draw)

Dereelight Javelin SMO Reflector XPG-R5 3xAA (1.03 Amps Draw)

Solarforce L2R XRE-R2 2xAA (770mA Draw)

Solarforce L2P body + Solarforce P7 drop-in 1×18650 (2.5 Amps Draw)

Solarforce L2P body + Solarforce 3 mode XPG-R5 drop-in 1×18650 (2 Amps Draw)

Zebralight H51

ITP A3 EOS Upgraded (L-M-H)

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